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Why Vinyl Plank Flooring?

There are many reasons to choose vinyl plank flooring, one of the most cited reasons is that it is extremely water-resistant. This makes it an especially great option for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and any other area in which moisture may be an issue. Here are some of the top reasons why experts are saying that LVT flooring is ideal for both commercial and residential settings.

  • Natural, fashionable, attractive, and water-resistant
  • If an accident does occur, it typically can be dried effectively without signs of showing damage
  • Vinyl plank floors are also very easy to clean and ideal for homes with pets
  • Luxury Vinyl flooring is very durable
  • LVT floors are very resistant to wear, even in high-traffic areas
  • ENDUROMAX® LVT floors feature stabilization or rigid core construction layers which which provide strength and lasting life
  • They are also easy to maintain and will typically only need regular sweeping and mopping to maintain their aesthetic look
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What Is the Original Style of Your Home?

One of the first things you should consider when selecting a color is natural light. If you have a lot of natural light you can go with a darker option because the natural light will create balance and contrast. If your style is modern, natural light earth tones tend to work well as it offers a clean simple look without too much variation. Gray wood-look varieties that do not include knots are typically the best match for modern spaces. Traditional homes blend well with the mixing of darker and lighter pieces. A more traditional cabin feel is accomplished with LVT options that include a bit wider planks and knots.

Design Experts Share the Latest Trends in Flooring

There is no doubt that the wood-look trend has been gaining momentum for several years, and now there are more LVT styles and sizes to choose from than ever. The industry has seen steady increases in demand from customers for this stylish and practical flooring option.

First introduced as a modern take on hardwood floors, this LVT trend has inspired all sorts of new dimensions that we have never seen before — the most popular being long wide planks, as well as different colors, patinas and finishes. Our ENDUROMAX® collections are luxury vinyl tile that looks like natural wood. In fact, many of these products look so real that to the naked eye it is nearly impossible to know that what you’re seeing is not real wood.

LVT now ranges from a finish that is a dead ringer for dark stained walnut to wood from a well-weathered fishing boat in France.

With reclaimed wood so on trend, buying wood alternatives have become more economical and provide durability and are available in dimensions that wood is typically not.

Wood-look tile flooring products are designed with a focus on performance and durability which makes them perfect for any room and they can be used in commercial or residential projects. Unlike wood, LVT wood-look tile can be used in wet areas including kitchens and bathrooms. Luxury Vinyl Planks are one of the easiest and most versatile kitchen flooring solutions. This man-made material is nearly impervious to stains, damage, and water issues. Cleaning it is as easy as keeping it free of debris with sweeping, vacuuming, or regular mopping. For these reasons, wood look luxury vinyl tile has become all the rage in home and commercial flooring solutions.

restaurant with vinyl plank floors

Commercial LVT Décor Ideas for Hospitality, Medical & Educational

Commercial vinyl flooring or LVT is a fashionable, yet extremely durable flooring made from a combination of polymer materials. In today’s commercial settings you will find it everywhere from hotel lobbies and office foyers to schools and hospitals.

The growth in popularity in various commercial settings is also due to design and material innovations. The ENDUROMAX® collections offer continuous EIR (embossed in register) and Truefeel™ technology, which means that the pattern of the wood look floorings in these collections rival the individual, unique and beautiful textures and patterns of authentic hard wood flooring.

Get Long-Lasting & Durable Luxury Vinyl Flooring