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The ENDUROMAX® luxury vinyl flooring collections offer a wide array of products to meet the needs of both commercial and residential uses that deliver strong, attractive, aesthetic options, with lasting performance. ENDUROMAX® LVP flooring is not only durable and built to last, but it also creates an incredibly realistic look and feel that truly captures the beauty of natural wood.

restaurant with vinyl plank floors

Traditional & Durable Flooring Options

We know that classic looks never go out of style, that is why so many of our commercial and residential customers are choosing more traditional, yet practical and high durable flooring options. Our ENDUROMAX® LVT collections offer these classic elegant looks that will stand the test of time. ENDUROMAX® team members work with contractors, builders and designers on a daily basis that are seeking a practical and traditional, yet elegant flooring option for their clients. Homeowners and business owners alike, are looking to find flooring options that will be classically beautiful and last for years to come.

sitting area

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Commercial & Residential Flooring

ENDUROMAX® LVT flooring is available for flooring professionals and residential homeowners. We also offer merchandising and our LVT flooring collections as well as installation tools and supplies for our partners to offer to their clientele. We serve all aspects of the commercial and residential flooring industries.